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Break Out Pins

I was part of the Kickstarter campaign, but I had to wait to start my 4-Axis build.  So now that I am beyond the 6-months help, I turn here for some direction.  I can't find any information detailing the Breakout Pin (Pinout).  Here's my question>  The SG Board has 4 pins and they are labeled: DIR, STEP, ENA, GND.   My Stepper Drives (Ref: DM542S) have six (6) inputs: PUL+, PUL-, DIR+, DIR-, ENA+, ENA-  What goes WHERE?  It's nice that the board has this breakout option, but WHY aren't there any directions as to what to do with them (Paul).



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Hi Rich,

The SuperGerbil's stepper driver break out pins are generic and their specific connection will differ depending on the user's External Stepper Driver system.  I googled your External Stepper Driver and found an installation and interfacing guide at

I would use that guide's Common Cathode Connection diagram for wiring. Super Gerbil uses 5V so that makes it easy for you as you don't need to add any Resistors (shown as R) in the supplier's diagram.

The SG's STEP pin connects to the PUL+ pin on the DM542S. The DIR, ENA and GND connect as as shown in the external stepper driver supplier's diagram.



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