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Setup Wizard In Universal G-Code Sender


HOLD HOLD HOLD....Sorry that comes from my NASA days


Houston we FOUND the problem.  Incoming voltage (24V) was installed with reverse polarity.

The single stepper motor worked stupendously on X, Y and Z!

Now back to connecting it to the Spapeoko.


Senior Moment (Damn eyes)


(You know I bet it was this comment that got me distracted:  "1A Connect any voltage between 5 and 24V DC. The circuit’s been especially designed such that these power connections are unpolarised, so connecting plus and ground (GND) either way is fine.")

Yeah, I know...that's for the limit switches

Today I hooked up the Shapeoko and entered the Setup Wizard.

All went well, and I made it all the way to the second homing screen. Before I started, I changed the micro switches to NC as per the instructions.  After several successful homings, I noticed that the Setup Wizard froze.  Clicking cancel did nothing, so I closed the program, rebooted the computer and now it will not connect to SB.  (See photo).  FYI, Only one of the two LEDs light up (See photo).


Looking at an earlier post from someone who had LED 7 no longer working, your (Dan's) direction was to reflash the SB.

Need some pointers and direction. (Reflash Yes/No)

And please send me a new non-curupt HEX file since the downloaded file from both my PC and Mac both say it is curupt.


And what do you think happened?)




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