Mirror alignment

Mirror Alignment

Set Mini Gerbil in CNC mode via ‘$32=0’, than you can switch-on the laser at rest via the G-code commands: ‘M3’/’M4’ and off via ‘M5’. Use the ‘Sxxx’ command to set the output power e.g ‘S200’ for 2mA output. If you use a macro or script to execute these commands, you probably need a pause: ‘G4’ is the dwell command that pauses a second. Don’t forget to set ‘$32’ back to ‘1’ (Laser mode) for safety.

  • $32=0
  • M4 S200
  • G4 P10000
  • M5
  • $32=1

Tip: You can define a macro in LightBurn to execute these commands and call the macro button “test fire”

Right click on Macro0 button
Enter the Macro commands
“Test Fire” macro defined and ready to use

For all commands see Configuring Mini Gerbil wiki