DIY CNC controller – “Super Gerbil”

The Super Gerbil being tested on a 3 axis mill, as featured in the Kickstarter video

The latest CNC controller

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It’s a lot of work to get a home CNC running right, especially if you’re building it yourself as DIY CNC.

Sure, the mechanical tolerances require lots of work, but it’s essential to get the control system right. As Paul and Dan wanted to take their desktop Nomad CNC beyond it’s original design, they looked at what was available. First learning was that using XT computers to control CNC was not going to cut it. They decided to take on the challenge of doing it right, and sharing it with the world.

After months of design and testing, the Super Gerbil CNC controller was launched on Kickstarter. It features ability to control up to 5 axes, meaning the user can perform sophisticated machining that would make professionals jealous. Hobbyists around the world chipped in and helped make it a reality.

This isn’t a theoretical product, we’ve tested it out on various CNC equipment, including Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC), Carbide 3D’s Nomad, K40 Laser Cutters, and stepper motor retro-fitted manual mills. This video says it all

Super Gerbil’s user-friendly design allows stepper motor modules to be upgraded/replaced easily. It comes with full instructions, and you can even get answers to your questions from the designer… ideal for DIY CNC!