Using BlueTooth comms via PC

Super Gerbil can talk to your G-code sender (CNC) or LightBurn (Laser) on your PC or laptop via a BlueTooth dongle (HC-05 and 6). The install procedure is rather simple but it requires a few steps as a user to set it up on the computer. The HC-05 and 06 dongles are usually default configured to 9600 or 38k Baud and requires some rather ‘magic’ complexity to program via the ‘AT’ terminal commands. The included HC-05 modules in the Innovator products are programmed to 115.200 by us.

Further there is a jumper bridge that you must set on Super Gerbil from USB to BlueTooth communication mode. The heartbeat will flash a fraction higher to indicate that it is now working in BlueTooth mode.

The connection between the Super Gerbil and the BlueTooth module are 4 wires (duPont headers).

Step one.

After wiring it up, you need to switch the BlueTooth ‘on’ at your PC or Laptop. Search in the Type here to search bar in Windows 10, and type ‘Bluetooth settings‘. This opens the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ configuration screen. See below.

Fig.1 Activate BlueTooth

Step two. Configure the Bluetooth Settings

In the related settings (right column), you click on ‘More Bluetooth options’. This opens up the pop up screen ‘Bluetooth settings’ and check the box ‘Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC’.

Fig.2 Adding a device via BlueTooth

Step three. Add the com port

Click on the Tab ‘Com ports’, within the pop up screen ‘Bluetooth settings’ and add a COM port. This opens another popup screen called ‘Add COM Port’. Ensure you select the radio button option ‘Outgoing’ and select the com port from the list (ensure Gerbil has run from a usb cable before so the com port driver is already installed and the com port has been enumerated e.g. it has been given a name and number by WIN10).

Fig.3 Adding a COM port to the BlueTooth communication in WIN10

Step four. Verify the Port number and select that Port in the application’s device drop down list.

As you see below, the Port has been given a name ‘COM336’.

Fig.4 BlueTooth settings in the application (e.g. LightBurn)

And finally select the appropriate com port (in our example here ‘COM336’) from step four under ‘Devices‘ and have the device driver set to ‘Gerbil-STM‘.

This would allow you now to send your CNC or laser commands wireless over BlueTooth to your ‘K40 laser’ equipped with the Super Gerbil.


Note: Never let your CNC or laser run unsupervised. So ideally you have your PC or Laptop on a convenient work place while having your laser in clear sight.

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