Using the Super Gerbil

Super Gerbil has extra functionality compared to standard grbl

You can communicate with Super Gerbil via any G-code sender like UGS or CNCjs. Super Gerbil uses all the GRBL commands but has additional $ settings for features.

  • $7 = M6, toggle 0 or pulse 1 function
  • $8 = Tn pulse duration, milliseconds
  • $9 = M6 pulse duration, milliseconds
  • $19 = soft start for Spindle motors – value is in mS e.g. $19=20 is usually a good increment.
  • $28 = pwm frequency selection e.g. $28=4 (1kHz)
  • $33 = fault monitoring of the Spindle driver. Enable 1 or disable 0. If enabled and the spindle driver faults, then the system aborts the current CNC cycle
  • $100 up to $104 – step size for each axis (X,Y,Z,A,B)
  • $110 up to $114 – feed rate
  • $120 up to $124 – acceleration rate
CNCjs connection to Super Gerbil

What next ?

Once your setup is complete, undertake a number of basic projects to learn your machine and understand its limits.

We’ll be expanding this section in the near future with some example projects we’ve done.

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